Justin Roth and Chris Cunningham
"2 forms of ID"
JANUARY 24, 2010

Justin Roth - - - - - - - Chris Cunningham

Despite having full time touring schedules independent of each other, Justin and Chris teamed up first in
1999 to do a few shows together. Those few shows eventually turned into booking a three month tour
across the country culminating in the recording a live CD entitled "2 forms of ID" in 2000. In the few years after
it's release, the duo now aptly called "2 forms of ID," was a at Swallow Hill and sold out the Tuft Theater twice
and continued to tour Colorado on a regular basis. Though both have established touring careers
independent of each other, Justin as a solo singer/songwriter and Chris as one half of the folk duo Storyhill, they
have continued to team up when possible for shows together to revisit their instinctual musical chemistry together.

Chris Cunningham is best known as one half of the award winning national touring act Storyhill, an acoustic duo
that has released 13 CDís over a 20 year span. Chris has also released numerous solo CDís Ė several with other
bands, two solo records and one done entirely in Spanish during his college years. Influenced by singers from
the 70ís Chrisís lyric based style draws comparisons to folk and pop artists such as James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot,
John Denver, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. His down to earth personality is highlighted by wit, great stories and
focused dedication to his craft. Along with performing Chrisís main passion is producing records for other artists
at his recording studio, Basecamp Recording at his home near Bozeman, MT.
Chris Cunningham - www.myspace.com/cjcunningham

Justin Roth is a nationally touring singer/songwriter/acoustic guitarist who combines an artful blend of pop hooks
laid on a bed of brilliantly inventive guitar technique for a unique mix of new acoustic folk. He has released four
independent CDs as well as being a core contributor to an instrumental solo guitar album produced for Target Stores,
entitled "Lifescapes - Solo Guitar," which has sold over 70,000 copies nationwide. His use of alternate tunings,
partial capos and his two-hand tapping technique leaves audiences mesmerized and displays his impeccable
guitar playing that has been described as, ďmore than just an instrument, but an extension of himself.Ē
Justin has toured with Red House recording artist John Gorka and has shared the stage with some of the
finest acts in the acoustic music scene, including Shawn Colvin, Martin Sexton, Lucy Kaplansky, Susan Werner
and David Wilcox. When not touring the country, performing at clubs, theaters and festivals, Justin currently
lives in Colorado, where he is currently at work on a new album.
Justin Roth - www.justinroth.com


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