Our Shows

The concerts are in the family room of our home.
We are not a business. Our intention is to bring live music
to our community in the time-honored house concert tradition.

On concert night, we move most of the furniture and
bring in folding chairs. We erect a small stage at one end
of the room with some make-shift stage lights. The shows
are almost always acoustic, that is, without amplification.
The acoustics of the room are very good.
Concert etiquette is observed at our shows.

Our shows are open to the public, but only with advance
reservations via email, the web, or phone. There is
a suggested donation. A basket for your donation
will be prominently displayed.

With the performers' ok, photographs may be taken during
the show. Audio and video recordings may be discreetly
made by audience members only with the permission
of the performers and the hosts.

There is plenty of room for conversation and CD sales
before and after the show and at intermission. There will be
a break between music sets and we will have coffee, tea and
water along with some snacks. Please feel free to bring a
snack or dessert to share during the intermission. There
is no alcohol or smoking in our home during concerts.
Beer and wine may be available during the intermission.

For anyone who may be allergic, we have 2 cats
who will wander out when the music starts. We do
ask you to remove shoes and we have clean footie
slippers for everyone.

Our address and directions will be provided with
a confirmed reservation.The concerts begin at 7PM,
doors open at 6:30. There is parking available in the driveway,
on the roadside, or at the parking area near the intersection.
Carpooling is always appreciated!

Thanks for supporting live music!
About Us

Dale and Bruce
Your hosts, Dale and Bruce Blew
Acoustic Avenue House Concert Series began in January 2005 shortly after we moved to Longmont, Colorado from our long-time home in Rock Island, Illinois. We purchased a home that would be suited for house concerts with the intention of starting a concert series. We became interested in the idea of hosting house concerts after becoming re-aquainted with singer/songwriters in the folk tradition and having attended several house concerts while living in the Midwest. One of our first house concerts featured an artist, James Lee Stanley, that had long-ago sparked for us, your hosts, Bruce and Dale, an interest in the music of independent singer - songwriters. Now, having moved to Murphysboro, IL, we have decided to continue the tradition of bringing live music to people who enjoy music in the comfort of a listening room setting.

House Concert Series
Murphysboro, IL