Peter Mayer
January 28, 2007

Peter Mayer Peter MayerPhoto by Paul Dols

Peter Mayer writes songs for a small planet -
songs about interconnectedness and the human journey;
songs about the beauty and the mystery of the world.
Whimsical, humorous, and profound, his music takes you
up mountains, across oceans, into space, and back home again.
A native of Minnesota with a background in Theology, Peter is
not big on love songs, but prefers delving into science, nature,
and things spiritual.

"Peter Mayer is a magician...(his) universe is full of metaphor and meaning,
story and symbol - everything contains more than meets the eye."

Bill Reed, music editor, Colorado Springs Gazette

"His guitar work is breath-taking, his lyrics mind-spinning, his singing soul-soothing
and his feet-on-the-ground optimism nothing short of healing."

Marilyn Rea-Beyer, music director, WUMB Radio, Boston

"He is unafraid of complicated topics and always strives to look beyond the easy sentiment
...Peter does nothing less than address the very nature of our existence...
Trust me, most songwriters canít pull this off. Peter Mayer does."

Dale Connelly, Morning Show Host, MinnesotaPublic Radio

Peter started touring full-time in 1995 and has gradually amassed a dedicated,
word-of-mouth following, selling out shows from Minnesota to Texas, New England to Colorado.
He has seven CDs to his credit, and has sold over 40,000 of them independently.
His accolades include numerous nominations for Minnesota Music Awards,
and selections as a finalist in several songwriting competitions including Telluride
and the Rocky Mountain Folksfest, where he has been invited back to perform and
teach songwriting at the highly regarded Rocky Mountain Songschool.



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