Small Potatoes
November 25, 2007

small potatoes

Small Potatoes is Jacquie Manning and Rich Prezioso. This Chicago-based duo has been touring on the folk circuit since 1993 and in that time they’ve become sought-after regulars at many clubs, coffeehouses across the U.S. They have made repeat appearances at major folk festivals, including the Kerrville Folk Festival, the Walnut Valley Folk Festival, and Philadelphia Folk Festival. They were one of the “most requested” acts at the 1999 Falcon Ridge New Artist Showcase. Jacquie is also a past winner of the Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Contest.
They call themselves eclecto-maniacs. They describe their music as “Celtic to Cowboy” and say in has taken them “years of careful indecision” to come up with a mix of music that ranges from country, blues, and swing to Irish, with songwriting that touches on all of those styles and more. Their four recordings, “Alive!”, “Waltz of the Wallflowers”, “Time Flies”, and “Raw” cover all these styles. They both sing, they both play guitars and an array of other instruments.

“One of the most polished, inventive, and entertaining shows on the circuit.”
Dirty Linen Magazine

“100% of your recommended daily allowance
of infectious musicality and non-stop energy”

Susan Werner, singer/songwriter

“ guitar work, and vocals so tight you need WD-40 to get them apart...”
Tom Ott, Fondy Acoustic Music Alliance

“SPUDS rule!”
Merideth Carson, Swallow Hill, Denver


House Concert Series
Longmont, CO